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Reducing number of Connection object when using cyberark
Hi there,

lately we are a bit in a hassle with application startup times and clutter within our database enrivonment.

When introducing cyberark we needed to to multiply each server by at least 3 connection objects because cyberark is using functional users (inside cyberark safes) instead of personalized user (AD managed etc.).

Instead of being able to use the "Credential" feature inside ASG we are now forced to specify the user that is needed to connect within the "executable path" of the Connection object.
So we are using 3 (to n) functional users per department (called User1, User2, User3, UserX etc.)

Basically the Connections are clones of each other just differing in 1 letter/number within the Executable path (I attached a mockup of my idea to make it more clear)

So to reduce the clutter and get rid of multiple objects per server I thought about a right click menu that could dynamically control the username that is set within the executable path.

This would reduce the number of objects from 30k+ to only 10k (unique server objects) in our environment and make it more "readable" by reducing the number of "duplicate" objects, make it easier to maintain and also make the application startup faster and make it refresh faster (when pressing F5)

Dont know how it it would be to implement such a feature, but this would make it much easier to handle cyberark connections within ASGRD.

Willing to provide further infos and feedback for testing if needed :-)


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