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PAM Secrets With Comments Unable to Use
(13-02-2024, 03:56 PM)DevOma Wrote: In API there is a field "autoComment" - we can set this field.

But currently I don't know when is a secret "checked out"? On sync of secrets we set "noAutoCheckout = true" to prevent it - when should be set a comment? I can add a field in Delinea Settings that is used on API-Calls - also autoCheckin, autoCheckout can be set - but need some more details when that make sense?!?

"Auotocomment" could be set when the secret is used to connect to a server, before this only display secret names as at the moment the folder appears blank even though there are secrets in the folder.

"autocheckin" / "autocheckout" - I don't think we need this, PAM checks secrets in by default based on a time period set in there.

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