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visionapp Remote Desktop 2010 export to ASG Remote Desktop 2021
Hello, I purchased ASG Remote Desktop 2021 1+ (incl. 1 year Subscription), but I’m not able to export my settings from visionapp Remote Desktop 2010 since the evaluation had expired. Prior to the 2010 evaluation, installed on a different machine, I had been using a licensed version of visionapp Remote Desktop 2010 for a decade, so I have many many settings to port over. How can I proceed?

Thank you in advance for your reply,

You need some upgrades :-)

First install version 2012 -

Open your environment with that version!

Then you will be able to use version 2020 -

In version 2020 you need to create a new environment - and choose in this environment "Environment=>Upgrade from 2012" - follow the wizard and choose your old environment there - it will be transfer the data to the new environment!

Afterwards you can install the latest version - open your 2020 environment and it will be migrated to 2021!

If you run into any issues - just tell us! You should be able to import your new license into the old version - and you should do before you upgrade!
I followed your instructions, but it is not possible to find a .config file for visionapp Remote Desktop 2010     .
Sorry, incorrect numbers in my post - first step is to install version 2012! And also vRD 2010 should have a config file - but you don't need that - it should be named vRD.config!

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