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Thycotic Secret Server using legacy integration
If you want to use REST-API you must configure it in Settings=>Thycotic - SOAP is default.

Then it should use the REST API - we have tested against Cloud based version of Thycotic/Delinea Secret Server - but we didn't found a good solution for authenticating with OAuth2 like Okta - spend a lot of time on that, read a lot of articles - we have added a new auth method "Bearer token" - if you choose that a popup is displayed and you need to enter the bearer auth token from your User Profile (in Thycotic portal in your User Profile) - then you can access the API - this token is changing so we do not store it and you need to paste content each time you are using the API.

OAuth2 is normally designed that you have authentication url and a callback url that give you the token back after authenticating - but we didn't find a way how to do with Thycotic/Delinea - we also raised support requests but only get some links to documentation where this scenario is not described in detail. If you have any more information regarding that issue you are welcome to share with us - we would like to implement smoother integration if possible

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