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Reducing number of Connection object when using cyberark
Hi Oliver,

your idea sounds great, the initial connect to the CyberArk PSM is made via MFA (Smartcard) after that the "correct" user for the connections is grabbed from within the corresponding cyberark safe and you only need to pass the "username" on the command line.
So we don't use any Credential objects within ASGRD at all, because the smartcard auth is handled from within windows (still dreaming about Smartcard Auth against ASGRD, for us to be able to cache the smartcard PIN within ASGRD to not being forced to enter the Smartcard PIN for each connection - as discussed here :-))

Having a own section to configure "CyberArk" Stuff would be the better idea than using global variables I guess, but this is totally up to you how it would be best to be implemented from the application side as long as it would be possible like described in my mockup ;-)
Would also be cool to have the same Default/Personal values option on that one, so the administrator could assign default values for all users, but it would also be possible to create own custom values if needed for end users (but this would only be optional)

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