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Reducing number of Connection object when using cyberark
(16-11-2022, 10:12 AM)DevOma Wrote: Ok - I think we can do that - just to understand correctly - you have assigned credentials to login to the jump server - and need one more configuration for the internal user to use for Cyberark

Just my first idea - extension on connection objects - under category "Credentials" a new section with Cyberark - there you can configure the default value (or perhaps just assign a second credential object?) - so this would be used if you doubleclick the connection - and extend the context menu with sub menu "Cyberark" - we could add these functions in a Cyberark Plugin - so if activated you can see the new options - question is should we use "Global Variables" for it or a new section in Settings "Cyberark Users"? I guess own section is better than you would only see these variables / values in context menu and on the connection object - in connection properties then you would have a variable like %CyberarkUser% that you can use and that would be parsed

Hi Oliver,

Can we make the %CYBERARK_USER% variable default for RRD multiple use on a user basis? In this way, we assign the default cyberark user of each user and when the user makes a direct rdp connection, he will use his default defined cyberark user.

Best regards.

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