Rocket Remote Desktop 2024 (17.0.8115.1)
Rocket Remote Desktop 2024 (17.0.8115.1) is available!

To use this version you need a valid subscription until 03/01/2024

Caution - Database Upgrade necessary for versions less than 2023!
Information / Known issues
- It's recommended to deactivate Chromium Control as it causes performance issues

Rocket Remote Desktop 2024 (x64)
Rocket Remote Desktop 2024 (x64) (incl. SQL Express)

Rocket Remote Desktop 2024 (x86)
Rocket Remote Desktop 2024 (x86) (incl. SQL Express)

For any feedback you can use the Rocket Remote Desktop support forum (for version 2021 - 2024).


- Cyberark - Problems with OnPrem environments are solved
- Database-Upgrade - existing database settings are displayed and used correctly
- Private favorites and Caching setting "Read each object..." are not causing missing favorites anymore
- Connection History - User name is logged now for Ext.App. that are executed in context of a connection
- UP-Key in Properties Dialog is switching to next higher entry also if it is a category entry
- Copy Public object to Private folder - Copied object will be converted to Private
- Add. Custom Fields - show correct entries in list
- Copy content from 'Password' is logged now in change log
- Redesign of initial 2FA dialog - optimized QR code picture
- Offline-Mode - changing credentials do not result in errors anymore
- Renaming credential and open QuickConnect afterwards will not result in an exception anymore
- Delinea Secret Server - reading of restricted secrets is now available
- BeyondTrust - auto paging is used for connection sync

New features/enhancements

- Cyberark - RADIUS authentication
- Cyberark - separate QuickConnect
- Settings=>Extensions - Most standard protocols can be deactivated to optimize user experience
- PuTTY 0.80 and PuTTY-CAC 0.80 included
- New Connection Context-Menu - Reconnect As... - can optionally be disabled in Settings=>Context Menu
- Public Credentials - can be customized with personal information - can be useful for shared folders / password managers / ...
- Reconnect As... - can be optionally be activated in Settings=>Context menu
- RDP - "Remote Credential Guard" is supported
- Import license via HTTP-Link - Settings=>Environment=>Common=>License
- New login option - Map User Profile without Domain - for AZURE clients / only local users
- New setting in Connection=>Display - Span accross all monitors (if available)
- Integration of Password Depot
- BeyondTrust - show count of synced objects and details of used systems for each account

The 64Bit-version of Rocket Remote Desktop has the following limitations
- No ICA protocol is supported (Citrix do not plan to release a 64bit client software)

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