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Could anyone give guidance regarding Remote Desktop Access?
Hello there,

I've been using the remote desktop service provided by Rocket Software, and overall, I find it quite efficient for my needs. However, I've encountered a few technical hurdles recently and was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues.

Specifically, I've been having trouble with various issue e.g., connection stability, performance lag, authentication problems. I've tried troubleshooting on my end, but the problem persists.

If anyone has encountered similar challenges or has suggestions on how to resolve them, I would greatly appreciate your insights.

Also, if there are any tips or best practices for optimizing remote desktop performance on the Rocket Software platform.

Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou in advance.
Any details? Which version?
(26-03-2024, 10:01 AM)DevOma Wrote: Any details? Which version?

First of all thankyou for sparing a time mate also I am having the latest version still getting bugs with the same.

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