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"Run command"
I know I asked before, going back all the way to visionApp, but nobody has told me it isn't possible so here's the request again.  Shy


I would like the ability to remotely run a command or script on a set of remote Windows machines in RocketRD.  For example, running a batch script to import a registry key, run notepad.exe to open Notepad, running "net time \\dcname /set" to set the server time, or install an agent; theoretically, it seems to be conceivable.  Plus, RocketRD already has my credentials and the connection information.  I'm not sure about the mechanism (e.g. WMI, remote Powershell, RDP/SSH), but would prefer to be able to do this without an agent.  Powertools, SCCM, Ivanti Security Controls, and a great many other solutions are great alternatives, but why not here?
Hi and thanks for asking again :-) I will check in the next days how we can implement such feature...

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