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ASG-RD 2014 - BETA / Roadmap
Count me in as well!
Please add me to the beta.

Our company started evaluation to decide if we stay with ASG remote desktop or if we switch to other tooling because we thought the development was stopped...

Regards David
Would love to participate in the Beta.
I would like to join the beta of the product. I've been a user of it since 2008. How can I join?
I would like to become a beta tester. Please email me any information regarding helping and testing.

I am using VRD since 2010 and I woiuld like to become beta tester, too.

I am looking forward to ASG-RD 2014 and I hope to find a nice tool for my whole team!
Here is the url for the beta forum

All users (who posted to this thread) should have access to it - perhaps the last ones will get access during the day - the first binaries will be available on 04/24/2014
I'd love to participate in the beta, too. Smile
Interested in the beta, thanks

Would be nice to test the new version.

Thank you.

Dear Oliver,

If it is still possible, I would like to join the ASG-RD 2014 beta testing.


Kind regards,

Is there an estimated release date for ASG-RD 2014?

I would like to participate in the beta test. :-)

I am interested!
I would like to participate in this beta test.
I am also interested! Smile
Me too, please, if it's still possible! Smile Have major problems on Windows 8.1 with 2012/8 version. We're using Remote App since the beginning and I really look forward to the new version. My essential app!

Kind regards,
I would definitely like to participate in the BETA program. Please add me to the list. Thanks!
Guten Morgen,

ich würde auch gerne die neue Beta testen.

Viele Grüße

I would like to joint the ASG-RD 2014 Beta.

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