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ASG-RD 2014 - BETA / Roadmap
Can I still get it on the new Beta version I would like to participate
I am willing to provide feedback through the Beta
Id like to be in the Beta if possible. If so can i get my team on this, their are 12 of us.
please give me access to the ASG-RD 2014 Beta.
Thank you
Can I get access please?
I want to Access the beta.
Ive been using VisionApp from 2008, now running on 2012 and i would like to be a tester aswell. Can i get access?

would be in for a beta as well.
I would like to be a beta tester Smile
I've been using ASG Remote Desktop briefly in 2008 and mainly 2012.
I would also like to be part of the beta
Count me in as well. Been having a lot of issue with 7.3.4144.0 randomly hanging at the most inopportune time.
Count me in if possible still also. Would rather stay with this product than switch.
(23-04-2014, 10:23 AM)DevOma Wrote: Here is the url for the beta forum

All users (who posted to this thread) should have access to it - perhaps the last ones will get access during the day - the first binaries will be available on 04/24/2014

Could you add me for the beta program please

Geir Ove Bjørseth
May I please enter the beta? I have been a long time Visionapp / ASG user - since 2006.
Please add me to beta group
I am interested to see the beta, but I think my #1 feature request going forward would be to allow backwards compatibility when performing upgrades. This is more for the database version as we use it at work. Not all of the users are able to upgrade their client right away which delays product upgrades. A better system would be to allow the older clients to connect, but not make any changes until they have updated to the latest version.
I will add the latest users to beta forum today - for now this will be enough for the beta test - I will close the thread
News for version 2014 are available here

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