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View Active Connections (Database Mode)
Is there a way to query the database when using database mode to tell which connections may have action/open sessions from users? I remember this being available back in an older version of vRD but was removed somewhere along the way, wasn't sure if it was now available in 2014.

Administration | Security Log | Connected Users
(17-09-2014, 04:42 PM)Andreas Mariotti Wrote: Administration | Security Log | Connected Users

This shows users who are logged into the ASG application but it does not show what connections they may have active (as least from what I can see)

ie: I have connections called Server1, Server2, & Server3. User1 logs in and RDP's into Server1. Is there someway to see that User1 has an active session into Server1?
The only feature is to query all sessions of your connections - we did not remove any lists like you describe - but I know it would be something that we could provide in the future - I will add it to the feature list

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